That Guy Dave

    Good evening, I am That Guy Dave!

    I have traveled from far distant lands aka Connecticut to arrive down here in the Springs.

    My hobbies include softball, skiing, and drinking… not like in a problematic way but more of an entertainment way.

    As far as a few of my favorite things:

    I enjoy beer very much. My favorite type would be cold or free. Shower beers come a close second.

    I like an early start on the mountains and mid afternoon departure.

    Elvis, AC/DC, Dave Grohl are a few of my random favorites. Any live music is the best music and vinyls are the best form of listening at home.

    As a mentioned I enjoy softball because I like to hit the ball far and lightly jog around the bases. I am a land creature that was never really built for speed. I am as aerodynamic as the jeep I drive.

    Catch me every weekday afternoon from 3-7pm and Saturdays from 2-7pm. See you there!